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Bishop Robert G. Rudolph

Bishop Robert G. Rudolph dedicated his life to the Lord at the precocious age of five. He preached his first sermon while standing on a chair in the pulpit two years later. It was clear to all around him that God’s hand was on his life and at the age of 11, Bishop Rudolph was licensed as a minister. Public speaking and discourse were gifts Bishop was given by God, after being delivered from a condition of stuttering. As a teenager, he won the distinguished National Oratorical Contest of the Church Of God In Christ. Shortly thereafter, this young man was summoned to the denomination’s world headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee where the late Presiding Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., formally ordained him as an elder at the tender age of 16. Afterward, he received intensive training in religion and graduated from the C. H. Mason Bible College. Rudolph has over 33 years of pastoral experience and continues his pastoral ministry. Bishop Rudolph is happily married to Lady Michelle Parham Rudolph who supports his ministry wholeheartedly.

Bishop Robert G. Rudolph
On Point with Bishop Robert G. Rudolph podcast


On Point with Bishop Robert G. Rudolph is an informative, inspirational, and educational podcast.  Facilitated by Vincent T. Edwards- “Mr. Speaker”, this weekly show is where Bishop Rudolph shares his insight and perspective on current issues & Biblical topics.  From religion to politics, On Point with Bishop Robert G. Rudolph “Keeps You Focused In The Right Direction.”

Bishop Robert G. Rudolph Ministry

To provide spiritual inspiration, encouragement, and development to all individuals who are serious in their pursuit of ministry while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world.

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